Sudha Mani, The Speaker

Sudha Mani – The Speaker


Sudha Mani, Platform & Business Keynote Speaker

  • Digital & Tech Entrepreneur
  • IT & Digital Business Coach
  • Management Consultant
  • Podcaster
  • Author

This is an extract of Sudha speaking at New Start Scotland - Nov 2015 on her Signature Model

The Business Success Blueprint™


Sudha Mani helps you to Engage, Energise and Empower your team to bring positive change, increase profits and productivity by unleashing your strengths and developing your signature leadership style. She coaches and consults with small business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their Brand awareness on the Internet using technology and digital strategies. Sudha is Toastmaster International - Division S  Youth Leadership Programme coordinator for Scotland and VP membership at Linlithgow Speakers. She coordinates FREE 10-week Youth Leadership Programmes.  Her signature speech titles are 

  • Reset the Minds of Tomorrow's Leaders
  • S.T.E.M. is Sexy Girls
  • The Leadership by Design : How to Develop your Own Leadership Style
  • So you are Emotionally Intelligent? - Leverage EI to get More Clients, Make More Money and have Freedom
  • and on her own signature programmes as Platform Speaker.


Sudha’s first venture was online forum along side 2 of her friends in 1996 after finishing her Computer Science degree where they gave advice to IT developers and designers . Since then she has been involved in tech companies. She is also growth hacker who specialises in tech startups.


Sudha is a technology leader and business growth expert who has been enabling businesses using digital and IT strategies to turnaround businesses to increase profits. She has 22 years of consulting, coaching and mentoring experience in all aspects of technology and digital landscape She had helped many businesses automate their business processes to achieve better return on their investment to increase profits and have freedom. She has worked in investment banks, financial services, private and public sectors to enhance their business processes to produce results and increase productivity.


The Business Success Blueprint™ : Thrive in Any Economy


Sudha is going to launch her first podcast on The Growth Hacking Show in Jan/Feb 2018.  This show is about the strategies, tools, techniques & tactics to have undeniable and unimaginable advantage to reset the business for Success and Thrive in any Economy.  Sudha used to analyse business plans for investors and venture capitalists to invest on; that experience gives her insight on how a business could be strategically aligned to deliver results without overwhelm.


Sudha has written a book Business Success: Thrive in Any Economy which is soon to be published. She is working another book on her signature coaching model A.W.E.S.O.M.E.